Iveco Stralis

The Stralis is one of the most versatile trucks in the Iveco product offering. The Stralis is known for its fuel efficiency, extreme comfort and the ability to stand up to the rigours of demanding Australian applications including urban distribution and intra and interstate work.

Stralis Range

Offering extensive flexibility and versatility for the transport task at hand, there are 13 variants of the Stralis available across both Prime Mover and Rigid truck applications. With literally hundreds of specification variations available including multiple wheelbase choices, axle configurations, engines and cab options, the range is well suited to a broad range of applications.

With a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) ranging from 36 to 90 tonnes, the Stralis has been designed to be used in a large range of applications including:

  • prime mover single trailers
  • B-Double applications
  • metropolitan, intrastate or interstate work
  • tankers
  • car transport
  • refrigerated transport
  • waste industry
Stralis Stralis Range
Stralis Stralis AD/AT range

Stralis AD/AT range

The Stralis AD/AT range offers numerous configuration choices. The AD/AT is available as a Rigid or as a Prime Mover, sleeper or day cab, and in 6x4 or 8x4 axle configuration. The versatility of the Stralis can be seen in:

  • engine power ratings of 450 or 500hp
  • torque ratings of up to 1696lb/ft
  • five wheelbase options
  • five rear axle ratio options

Ideal for:

  • single trailer prime movers
  • pocket B-Double work
  • tautliners
  • hook lifts
  • tankers

Stralis AS-L range

The flagship of the Stralis range, the AS-L, is suited to long haul jobs. It comes with a 2.5 metre wide and 2.2-metre long cab providing plenty of living and storage space while on the road. Includes:

  • engine power ratings of 500hp or 560hp
  • torque ratings of up to 1696lb/ft
  • three rear axle ratio options

Ideal for:

  • single trailer
  • B-Double work
  • car carriers
  • race car transporter
  • refrigerated transport
Stralis Stralis AS-L range
Stralis Stralis ATi range

Stralis ATi range

The Stralis ATi range is manufactured in Europe and covers a broad selection of options. Available as a rigid or as a prime mover and with axle configuration options such as 4x2, 6x2 or 6x4, the Stralis ATi is ideal for metropolitan and urban delivery work as well as intrastate delivery. On offer is a choice of:

  • engine power ratings of 360 or 460hp
  • 8 or 10-litre engine
  • torque ratings of up to 1550 lb/ft
  • four wheelbase options
  • three rear axle ratio options

Ideal for:

  • local and intrastate distribution
  • single trailer prime movers

Iveco Cursor engine

The Iveco Cursor engine is the standard engine fitted to all Stralis trucks. The in-line 6 cylinder engine configuration with overhead camshafts delivers power, reliability and remarkable fuel economy.

All Cursor engines utilise Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with exhaust gas after-treatment, which allows the range of Cursor engines to adhere to the current Euro 5 - ADR 80/03 emission standards.

There are a number of engine choices in 8, 10, or 13-litre capacities covering power ranges from 360hp to 560hp and up to 1696lb/ft of torque.

In 2015 Iveco updated its top-rated 560 horsepower engine with the introduction of the 13-litre Cursor Series II. The latest engine delivers operators the renowned fuel efficiency benefits of the previous engine, coupled with even greater reliability and engine life. A flat torque curve delivers maximum torque from a very low 1,000 rpm all the way through to 1,700rpm, providing improved driveability and stress-free power delivery.

Stralis Iveco Cursor engine
Stralis Driveline


The standard transmission fitted to all Stralis models is the ZF Eurotronic II automated gearbox, available in either 12 or 16-speed configuration. The transmission delivers:

  • optimum performance
  • advanced drivability
  • superior fuel economy
  • intelligent and adaptive controls allowing the driver to focus on the road
  • stress-free driving

Both transmissions have an electronically-controlled clutch engagement. While driving in automated mode the Eurotronic transmission automatically selects the most ideal gearshift according to load, road speed, road incline, etc. However depending on road and traffic conditions at hand, if the driver wishes to select the gear themselves, they simply pull up or down on the lever and the manual override mode engages.

Multiple cab variations

The Stralis is available in three cab variations:

Active Day (AD): for short-haul metropolitan jobs; available as a prime mover or rigid. The day cab provides a comfortable and functional working environment for the driver; two non-slip steps and two grab handles to ensure the driver can access the truck safely and easily.

Active Time (AT): for medium to long haul jobs; available as a prime mover or rigid. Has the option of a standard or high roof. Fitted with a 2-metre long sleeper bunk, it has privacy curtains for the windows and bunk area.

Active Space Long (AS-L): is the flagship of the Stralis cab range and is suited to long haul jobs. The AS-L cab comes with all the standard features of a Stralis cab, with the added extra space needed for long haul drives, with a 2.5 metre wide and 2.2-metre long cab ensuring resting while on the road is comfortable and easy.

Stralis Multiple cab variations