Euro6 ACCO


The next generation Euro 6 ACCO is here, combining the ruggedness and durability of its predecessor, with the very latest in advanced safety equipment, driver appointments along with cleaner-running engines.


The latest ACCO range delivers many new features and benefits including:

  • Cleaner running Euro 6 engines with outputs of 310 or 360 horsepower
  • Hi-eSCR emission control that requires no regeneration downtime
  • Allison 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Advanced safety features
  • Parker/Chelsea PTO
  • GVMs ranging from 25 to 28.5 tonnes
  • 6x4 or 8x4 configuration options
  • Factory fitted dual control option

The new ACCO is ideal for applications including:

  • Waste compactor
  • Hooklifts
  • Tankers
  • Tilt tray work
  • General haulage
Euro6 ACCO Overview
Euro6 ACCO E6 ACCO Range

E6 ACCO Range

The ACCO has a long and proud heritage in Australia and has grown to become a transport industry legend. It was originally developed for the Australian Army in the years following World War II and was Australia’s first locally designed and manufactured truck.

Given its status in the market, IVECO has working tirelessly to ensure that the new generation truck will do the iconic ACCO nameplate proud.

The new ACCO will continue to be manufactured in Australia and is available with a factory-fitted dual control option, providing customers with shorter lead times while giving buyers the opportunity for additional modifications down the production line.


  • AXLE CONFIGURATION: 6x4 or 8x4
  • WHEELBASE 6x4: 4520mm, 4900mm, 5200mm, 5500mm
  • WHEELBASE 8x4: 5720mm, 6300mm, 6520mm
  • ENGINE: IVECO Cursor 9, 8.7 litre
  • POWER / TORQUE: 310hp / 1300Nm or 360hp / 1650Nm
  • TRANSMISSION: Allison 6-speed full automatic
  • GVM: Up to 28.5 tonnes


Proving power to the new ACCO range is an 8.7 litre, 'Cursor 9' turbocharged engine fitted with IVECO’s unique Hi-eSCR emission control system to meet stringent Euro 6 emission requirements. The engine is available in two variants, one producing 310hp (228kW) and 1300 Nm @ 1,100rpm, the other 360hp (265kW) and 1650Nm @ 1,200rpm.

IVECO's patented Hi-eSCR system has a number of benefits compared to its competitors. It’s a single after-treatment system featuring passive DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) - DPF regeneration does not require regeneration downtime. Other benefits of the technology is that it's uncomplicated and efficient. Compared to EGR and SCR equivalents, Hi-eSCR uses less fuel, is lighter providing for a lower tare weight and does not have additional cooling requirements.

Euro6 ACCO Engine
Euro6 ACCO Safety


The new Euro 6 ACCO model introduces an impressive range of standard active and passive safety equipment that makes the ACCO one of the safest heavy-duty trucks available in Australia. Along with the superior stopping power of ABS brakes, the new ACCO also benefits from additional braking technology such as an Electronic Braking System (EBS), Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and Brake Assistance System (BAS). Couple this with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Anti-Skid Regulator (ASR) and it’s clear that the new ACCO provides superior levels of safety for both the driver and other road users.

Other standard equipment include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which uses a bumper-mounted radar to automatically keep a safe distance to the vehicle in front, axle load indicator and electronic battery cut-out, while L.E.D daytime running lamps and rear L.E.D lights provide increased visibility on the road.

Those wanting additional safety equipment can also select a hydraulic retarder for increased stopping power, a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) that provides a warning if the driver unintentionally veers from their lane and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to ensure that all tyres are at their optimum pressures.

The new ACCO also offers a Driver Attention Support (DAS) system. DAS checks the driver's level of attention by analysing steering wheel movements. If a state of drowsiness is detected, a message on the screen and an audible signal prompt the driver to stop for a rest.

Driveline and suspension

Coupled to IVECO’s new Euro 6 Cursor engines is the proven Allison Generation Five 3200 Series, 6-speed full automatic transmission. This transmission is an excellent match for the engines and well suited to demanding vocational work with heavy start and stop cycles such as for waste collection applications.

The transmission features a Chelsea/Parker Power Take Off with 0.93 ratio and pump mounting bracket (DC only), allowing for additional components to be powered by the engine, this provides a lot of versatility to fit a wide range of bodies. The transmission is also available with an optional hydraulic retarder to provide additional stopping power.

Feeding power to the rear wheels are Meritor MT23-150/D tandem axles (23-tonne capacity) with single reduction and driver-controlled diff locks. Upfront are IVECO 5890/D axle(s) with 9.0-tonne capacity each.

The 8x4 model features front air suspension (load share) with a 12-tonne capacity and rear IVECO 8 bag Electronically-Controlled Air Suspension, while the 6x4 variant makes use of front 2 leaf parabolic suspension and rear IVECO 8 bag Electronically Controlled Air Suspension.

Euro6 ACCO Driveline and suspension