Euro5 ACCO


Heavily updated in late 2014 with a raft of improvements and attractive new cabin appearance, the ACCO remains Australia's most popular vocational truck model. Brimming with the latest features and technology including Electronic Stability Control (ESC) on the 8x4 - 5.1-metre agitator variant, the latest ACCO can trace its lineage to 1972 and steadfastly remains a model that has been designed and built in Australia for Australian conditions.

Features and benefits

The ACCO provides buyers with immense versatility and the ability to be customised on the production line. Some of the ACCO's many features and benefits include:

  • industry-leading cab strength
  • ESC on 8x4 - 5.1-metre agitator variant
  • ABS brakes and Active Traction Control
  • high tensile steel bolted chassis
  • driveline configurations of: 4 x 2, 6 x 4 or 8 x 4
  • GVM ranging from 16.5 tonnes to 30 tonnes.
  • a range of front and rear suspension options
  • Allison 6 speed automatic transmission
  • engine horsepower ratings of either 280, 320 or 340hp
  • class-leading tare weight

The ACCO is ideal for use in applications such as:

  • concrete agitators
  • waste compactors
  • distributors
  • hooklifts
  • tankers
  • general haulage
Euro5 ACCO Features and benefits
Euro5 ACCO Compacter


The ACCO Compactor range covers a wide range of options and is the ideal workhorse for the waste industry. Fitted with a Cummins ISL 8.9 litre engine and available as a 4x2, 6x4 or 8x4 it has versatility covered offering the choice of:

  • engine power ratings of 280hp, 320hp or 340hp
  • torque ratings of up to 1105lb/ft
  • eight wheelbase options
  • single or dual control (factory-developed and backed)
  • three rear axle ratio options
  • convenient three-quarter window for improved visibility


The ACCO Agitator range covers a broad selection of options. Available as a 6x4, 8x4 or 10x4 it has versatility covered, offering the choice of:

  • engine power ratings of 280hp, 320hp or 340hp
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) on 8x4 - 5.1-metre agitator variant
  • torque ratings of up to 1105 lb/ft
  • two wheelbase options
  • steel spring, multi-leaf spring or air front suspension options
Euro5 ACCO Agitator
Euro5 ACCO Engine


Powering the ACCO is the versatile and highly-regarded Cummins ISL 8.9 litre 6 cylinder turbocharged engine, fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology which reduces engine emissions to comply with the current ADR 80/03 or Euro 5 emissions requirements. As an added benefit, parts and servicing outlets for the Cummins engine are widely available across Australia.

There is a choice of engine horsepower ratings of:

  • 280hp
  • 320hp
  • 340hp

And with up to 1105 lb/ft of torque available, from low in the rev range the ACCO has the hefty pulling power to suit a wide array of applications.

Driveline and suspension

The range of suspension configurations available on the ACCO makes it incredibly versatile. The front suspension options include:

  • Hendrickson parabolic steel springs
  • Hendrickson multi-leaf springs or
  • Hendrickson Airtek air suspension with leaf springs

While rear suspension options range from:

  • Hendrickson Haulmaax HMX460 (rubber block)
  • Hendrickson Primaax air suspension or
  • Hendrickson HAS-460

The transmission fitted across the ACCO range is the 6-speed Allison fully automatic transmission. All ACCO Agitator and Compactor models also have a transmission mounted Power Take Off (PTO) fitted to allow for additional components to be powered by the engine. This allows the ACCO to be versatile and adaptable with a large number of bodies that can be fitted for use in a large range of applications. The full automatic is well suited to the stop and start nature of compactor and agitator work for which the ACCO is widely used.

The ACCO offers a wide choice of Meritor rear axles, with ratings ranging from 10.4 tonnes capacity in the 4x2 to 18.1 tonnes in the 6x4 and 8x4. Where circumstances require, the ACCO offers optional driver-controlled differential locks for additional traction in slippery conditions.

Euro5 ACCO Driveline and suspension
Euro5 ACCO Cab


The ACCO cab has a long proven history. The 2.2 metre, walk-through ACCO cab is wide and spacious and provides easy engine access via a hydraulic lift and latch. A four-point mounting system with rubber isolation mounts at the front, and air springs with dampers at the rear, help isolate road shock, while further damping is provided by the standard ISRI suspension driver's seat.

The driver's work is made easy by the standard power steering, cruise control and comprehensive instrumentation, while comfort is assured with air conditioning, power windows and a Radio/CD MP3 player with Bluetooth. Its multi-purpose abilities enable factory fitted dual controls as required in many waste-collecting applications.

Large, heated and motorised mirrors with separate convex sections on both sides ensure great visibility in the most congested urban applications.

The ACCO offers heavy-duty cab trim with detachable floor mats, drain holes in the floor for easy cleaning, aluminium kick-panels on both doors and footrests on the passenger’s side. Access to the cab is via two large self-cleaning steps and wide opening door, with grab handles on either side of the doors for safe and effortless ingress and egress, to aid in meeting today’s stringent occupational health and safety requirements.

And because ACCO is a cab-forward design, manoeuvrability and visibility is excellent.