Daily E6 Cab Chassis

New Iveco Daily E6 Cab Chassis

New Daily E6 Cab Chassis.
Change your business perspective.

Providing a host of new features that position the range as a leader in low emission performance, safety, productivity and comfort, the new Daily E6 Cab Chassis is set to change your business perspective.

The Daily E6 Cab Chassis range provides all the attributes of the multi-award-winning van variants, while giving owners the added flexibility to fit the body that best meets their work requirements.


On offer in the Daily E6 Cab Chassis line-up are payloads spanning from upwards of 2,300 kg to over 4,700 kg*, along with a braked towing capacity of 3,500 kg and seven wheelbase options ranging from 3,000 mm to 5,100mm. This combination makes Daily E6 Cab Chassis the ideal choice for fitment of a wide range of bodies including steel or aluminium trays, tippers, service units, Pantech bodies and many others.

All Daily E6 Cab Chassis models are available with either a 6-speed synchromesh manual transmission, or the market-leading 8-speed full automatic, with two advanced Euro 6-rated engines with outputs ranging from 132kW (180hp) / 430 Nm, to a market-leading 155 kW (210 hp) / 470 Nm.

The latest range also expands on its predecessor’s comprehensive standard safety equipment list of four SRS airbags, front and rear disc brakes with ABS, and IVECO’s ‘ESP9’ suite of stability control technologies by adding even more driver assistance systems as standard safety equipment. Included is an Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Crosswind Assist, while additional equipment including Lane Departure Warning (LDW), City Brake and Queue Assist can also be selected as part of pack options.

*Payload will depend on the body fitted

Daily E6 Cab Chassis OVERVIEW
Daily E6 Cab Chassis SINGLE CAB


With seating for up to three adults and a robust C-Section chassis, Daily E6 Single Cab Chassis offers the versatility to be fitted with a range of diverse bodies to suit customer needs.

And while it’s ready for the toughest jobs, what sets Daily E6 apart from most other light trucks is its car-like driving characteristics and appointments – a full suite of advanced safety equipment and an abundance of cabin appointments make every drive enjoyable and hassle-free, even after long periods on the road.

The Daily Single Cab Chassis has attracted a strong following from operators who recognise the many benefits of the model particularly compared to more traditional cab-over style cab chassis which lack the Daily’s refinement and comfort.


Operators who need additional seating to transport a full work crew can select from several Daily E6 Dual Cab Chassis models. These variants can comfortably transport the driver and up to five passengers while still providing generous capacity to carry equipment and materials.

GVMs for Daily E6 Dual Cab variants range from 4,495 kg to 7,000kg and offer payloads of over 4,300 kg depending on the body selected. There are also six wheelbase choices spanning from 3,450 mm to 5,100 mm providing versatility for a broad selection of bodies.

Daily E6 Dual Cab variants feature the same engine, transmission, safety features and other benefits as their single cab counterparts.

Daily E6 Cab Chassis DUAL CABS
Daily E6 Cab Chassis ENGINES


New E6 engine range

The latest range of IVECO engines introduce stringent Euro 6 emission performance, years before it being mandated in Australia, in keeping with the company’s leadership position on minimising its environmental impact.

To meet Euro 6, Daily E6 employs SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology that uses urea solutions such as AdBlue, a system that’s been widely used in medium and heavy duty trucks for many years. AdBlue is injected into the hot exhaust stream and reacts with the harmful NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) to form harmless nitrogen and water vapour and keep emissions in check. Daily E6 is equipped with a 20 litre (nominal) AdBlue tank capacity and it’s estimated that the vehicle will consume three litres of AdBlue per 100 litres of diesel fuel depending on conditions, meaning the operator will only need to refill the AdBlue tank every seven or so tanks of diesel.

Powering the range are two engine options beginning with a 3.0 litre, direct injection unit with Variable Geometry Turbine (VGT) that outputs 132kW (180hp) and 430 Nm. For those requiring even greater power, a range-topping direct injection 3.0 litre variant with electronically-controlled Variable Geometry Turbine (e-VGT), can also be selected across all models – this engine develops a market-leading 155kW (210hp) and 470Nm.

Along with offering more power than preceding models and improved emission performance, the new power-plants are also more efficient, offering up to a 10 per cent reduction in fuel use based on internal IVECO testing.


Market-leading automatic transmission

Matched to the engines is a choice of either a conventional 6-speed synchromesh overdrive manual, for drivers who prefer to shift themselves, or the market-leading Hi-Matic 8-Speed full automatic.

Thanks to its eight speeds, the Hi-Matic allows the engine to constantly operate at its optimal speed and efficiency – it also has the flexibility to be used as a sequential transmission allowing the driver to select the gears manually via the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ positions, providing additional control should the road conditions or payload require it.

A further benefit of the Hi-Matic is its ‘Eco’ and ‘Power’ mode functions. When ‘Eco’ is selected, the transmission changes gears at lower rpms to reduce fuel consumption; the engine’s peak torque is also reduced and the power curve is softened, while ‘Power’ mode holds the vehicle in each gear for longer and gives access to maximum torque and power for even crisper acceleration if required.

Daily E6 Cab Chassis TRANSMISSIONS
Daily E6 Cab Chassis SAFETY


Next level active safety

With the previous Daily range already boasting considerable safety equipment including front and rear disc brakes with ABS, Electronic Stability Program, four airbags and the availability of Lane Departure Warning, Daily E6 offers even more.

The latest range adds Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Crosswind Assist and an enhanced ‘ESP9’ (suite of stability control technologies) as standard. ‘ESP9’ includes Anti-Lock Brakes, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Anti-Slip Regulator, Drag Torque Control, Hill Hold Control, Enhanced Under-Steering Control, Adaptive Load Control, Trailer Sway Mitigation, Hydraulic Rear-wheel Boost, Hydraulic Fading Compensation, Roll Movement Intervention and Roll Over Mitigation.

Other active safety features, including Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), full LED headlamps, Hill Descent Control, City Brake, Queue Assist and Traction Plus are available range-wide as either stand-alone options (full LED headlamps) or as part of an option pack.


Car-like driving experience

With Daily E6, having a large payload and generous carrying capacity doesn’t come at the expense of driver and passenger comfort. A car-like driving position, and high quality interior with impressive appointments, ensure that even extended time behind the wheel is relaxed and hassle-free.

New to the Daily E6 range is a high-resolution colour TFT instrument cluster that’s easier to read and features seven dedicated screen menus providing over 100 points of information. Also contributing to the premium cabin feel is an optional new ‘Hi-Connect’ multimedia and navigation system with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus GPS by Tom Tom and Bluetooth.

Many of the system’s functions can be accessed via controls mounted on the newly-designed soft-touch steering wheel, which is slightly smaller and has a new, asymmetric shape for improved ergonomics.

Also aiding convenience is the (pack) optional cordless inductive charging for mobile phones and other devices, while innovative storage solutions throughout the cabin provide ample space to stow personal protective equipment and other items.

To provide a more comfortable ride, a heated and suspended fully adjustable driver’s seat is now also standard across the range (optional for front passenger, standard with dual cab) and features multiple points of adjustment with lumbar support and an armrest.

Daily E6 Cab Chassis PRODUCTIVITY


Making your work a little easier

Commercial vehicles are primarily a business tool, so productivity is at the forefront of the new Daily E6 Cab Chassis.

As well as offering class-leading volume and GVM performance, Daily E6 offers a number of features that further increase productivity and allow the owner to perform their work more efficiently.

Daily E6 is available with an expansion module which allows body-builders and equipment installers to outfit these models with sophisticated equipment if required. Depending on the application, owners can also specify an optional rear differential lock and Electronically-Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS).

Another clever option is the new ‘run lock’ function which allows the operator to exit the vehicle with the key to make drop-offs while the engine is still running. This is particularly useful for applications such as refrigerated transport, as the cooler stays on.

For added practicality, Daily E6 adopts a dash-mounted electronic parking brake switch, providing extra space and easier movement around the cabin. The new park brake also engages automatically at key-off and disengages once the driver’s seat belt is on, the key is on and ‘drive’ selected (neutral for manual models). It’s estimated that the automatic electronic park brake can save up to five hours of working time each month in metropolitan courier applications.


More choice and value with Pack options

Depending on buyer requirements, prospective Daily E6 Cab Chassis owners can select from four optional upgrade packs: ‘Hi-Business Pack’, ‘Hi-Comfort Pack’, ‘Hi-Technology Pack – Automatic Transmission’ and ‘Hi-Technology Pack – Manual Transmission’, allowing them to more closely tailor a specification package to best suit the application, while receiving more value by grouping options.

Hi-Business Pack

  • Hi-Connect multimedia system and GPS
  • Open storage with inductive phone charging
  • Fog lights

Hi-Comfort Pack

  • Automatic controlled air-conditioning
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Automatic wipers and headlights control

Hi-Technology Pack (Automatic Transmission)

  • Queue Assist
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • City Brake
  • Traction Plus and Hill Descent
  • Automatic high beam control

Hi-Technology Pack (Manual Transmission)

  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • City Brake
  • Traction Plus and Hill Descent
  • Automatic high beam control
Daily E6 Cab Chassis OPTION PACKS
Daily E6 Cab Chassis APPLICATIONS


There’s a Daily E6 Cab Chassis to suit

With its many wheelbase and GVM options, Daily E6 Cab Chassis is suitable for a wide range of applications, from the more common pick-up and delivery and trade vocations to specialised work and recreational duties.

Metropolitan delivery

From general freight, to consumables and foodstuff, light trucks play a major role in metropolitan, urban and regional delivery work. For these roles, driver comfort, ease-of-use, efficiency and payload are all important considerations, and the Daily E6 excels in all of these areas.


Tradespeople and contractors are a major user group of IVECO light trucks, allowing them to carry more equipment, materials and workers compared to a traditional utility. Daily E6’s generous payload capacities and wheelbase options provide tradies with an ideal platform on which to grow their business. A braked towing capacity of 3,500kg also provides them with the added flexibility to tow large trailers and equipment if required.


Daily Cab Chassis has been a favoured platform for Australian motorhome manufacturers for many years. Safety, performance, fuel efficiency, ease-of-use and driver and passenger comfort are important considerations in choosing a base for a motorhome, and Daily E6 cab chassis has all these virtues and more.

Fifth Wheeler

Unlike a motorhome, which has the body mounted onto the cab chassis, a fifth wheel set-up sees the cab chassis used to tow a caravan (normally large). Instead of towing via a traditional tow bar, a fifth wheeler attaches to the cab chassis using a turntable on the vehicle’s tray. This allows for safer towing of larger caravans and improves on-road stability, braking and overall performance. Daily E6 Single and Dual Cab Chassis models are ideal for this recreational work.


From food truck to mobile showrooms, roadside service and repairs or tilt-tray work, Daily E6 Cab Chassis is versatile and adaptable. Drawing on its many market-leading features, the Daily range has a long history of being used successfully in all manner of vocations, from commonplace to unique.


Reducing running costs

IVECO knows that vehicle running costs can be a major factor affecting a business’ bottom line.

The latest range of Daily E6 engines use less fuel than their preceding models while still providing market-leading oil change intervals of 50,000km*.

Daily E6 also offers several fuel saving technologies such as ‘Eco’ mode on models specified with the Hi-Matic 8-Speed full automatic (when ‘Eco’ is selected, the transmission changes gears at lower rpms to help reduce fuel consumption).

Other fuel saving measures include a driver-operated ‘Ecoswitch’. Designed for use primarily when the vehicle is only lightly loaded or unladen, once pressed, Ecoswitch reduces the vehicle’s torque and horsepower to aid fuel economy.

Also standard is a smart alternator that is activated when the accelerator is released and kinetic energy is recovered.

Another innovation is a new three-piece bumper. If damaged, this allows any of the three sections to be replaced individually, reducing costs for owners. The Daily’s angled headlights are also positioned high on the bodywork reducing the likelihood of minor knocks, while a hard-wearing strip, along the base of the bodywork, similarly protects against scrapes and bumps.

*Conditions apply

Daily E6 Cab Chassis WHOLE OF LIFE COST


Peace of mind for your business

Daily E6 is backed by a standard comprehensive 3 year/200,000 kilometre warranty with additional extended warranty options of up to 5 years/300,000 kilometres available at extra cost. Models are supported nationwide by a Dealer Network of over 60 outlets including parts and service facilities, ensuring professional backup whether close or far from home.

IVECO maintenance agreements

To aid budgetary control of vehicle maintenance, IVECO offers a range of tailored service packages designed to maximise vehicle uptime by providing owners with total flexibility to develop a maintenance regime to best suit their needs. For a fixed monthly fee, owners can be assured that their vehicle servicing is taken care of without the stress of needing to find additional funds at the time of servicing. In the unlikely event of a break-down, IVECO’s Customer Care Centre can be contacted on 1800 4 IVECO (1800 448 326). The Customer Care Centre will place you in contact with the nearest IVECO Dealer should assistance be required.