N Series

ADAS. A smart system designed to keep road users safe.

The road is a complex and constantly changing environment and everyone can do with a bit of help to stay safe. With our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), you have a complete network of active safety features all working together constantly to protect you and other drivers and pedestrians. With state-of the-art sensors and multiple cameras, ADAS is the smarter way to safer roads.

Safety baked in.

All N Series cabs are built to the latest world-class ECE-R29 safety standard. Double side-intrusion bars, seatbelt pre-tensioners and SRS dual airbags can protect you in an accident. ABS brakes, ASR (Anti-Skid Regulator) and traction control can help you avoid one. Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) is also available on certain models.

N Series Safety baked in.
N Series Multimedia at your fingertips.

Multimedia at your fingertips.

Multimedia Unit

Stay safe and connected with our Isuzu Multimedia System. Its big 6.2” display and intuitive menu means you keep your focus on the road. It connects to your mobile to read out your messages. It includes voice-control and hands-free Bluetooth as standard. It comes sat-nav ready with optional tyre-pressure monitoring*.

More power, fewer pedals.

Manual or auto? Get the best of both with Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). The ease of an auto, the durability and control of a manual. No clutch pedal needed. Isuzu AMT is calibrated for Australian conditions. When coupled with our 150PS engines, it comes with a torque converter for quicker acceleration and smoother ride.

N Series More power, fewer pedals.
N Series When the going gets tough, get the Isuzu bullbar.

When the going gets tough, get the Isuzu bullbar.

The Isuzu bulbar

Protect your hardworking truck from busy forklifts and careless parkers. Choose the only bullbar to be certified and backed by Isuzu Australia.

Control your speed, and your climate.

Advanced electronic cruise control is standard and automatic climate control air?conditioning is available in selected models. Just two more ways that Isuzu can help you stay comfortable as you cruise.

N Series Control your speed, and your climate.
N Series Built like a truck. Handles like a car.

Built like a truck. Handles like a car.

Independent Front Suspension

Engineered to give you the best of both. Enjoy improved ride quality and car-like drivability, thanks to Independent Front Suspension (IFS), coupled with rack and pinion steering on NLR, NMR and selected NNR models.

Reinventing the wheel

The longer your day, the more you’ll appreciate ergonomics. Take the steering wheel, for instance. It tilts and telescopes at a touch, so you’ll readily arrive at a driving position that’s still comfortable at the end of a long shift. And that’s just one of Isuzu’s clever comforting touches.

N Series Reinventing the wheel
N Series 4,500-6,500kg GVM (Narrow Cab)

4,500-6,500kg GVM (Narrow Cab)

Cabin Options

The N Series range starts here – and it’s already a step ahead. It gets independent front suspension, front/rear disc brakes, SRS dual airbags and cruise control – all as standard. Entry-level trucks have never been more top-of-the-line.

4,500-7,500kg GVM (Wide Cab)

This is where the N Series delivers serious versatility and serious smarts. Serious choice too. Crew cabs, 4x4 and Ready-to-Work models – all powered by a range of powerful and efficient engines.

N Series 4,500-7,500kg GVM (Wide Cab)
N Series Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard

Cabin Options

Got the whole team or just travelling solo? The N Series comes in single and crew cabs to carry you all in comfort. Crew variants are available across NLS, NNR, NPR, NPS and NQR models.

The long and short of it.

With short, medium and long wheelbase models, the N Series is a light truck that goes to any length to suit your needs.

N Series The long and short of it.
N Series Get into gear

Get into gear


The N Series is with available with manual, Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) or Automated Manual Transmission with Torque Converter (TC-AMT). All designed and tested for medium duty trucks. That's more choice than you can shake a gear stick at.

Power to spare.

When it comes to pulling power, business relies on diesel engines. The N Series has three Isuzu common rail intercooled turbo-diesel options. Our 110kW (150PS) power plant delivers 375Nm of torque while our 140kW (190PS) one punches out 513Nm.

N Series Power to spare.