Giga Series

The Giga Series - Move mountains.

Our biggest trucks come in 12 different variants. From short to medium and long models, right up to our EXY Gigamax flagship. Choose from engines, transmissions, wheelbases, axles, suspensions and tyres to suit your application.

Giga 338kW/455PS

The Giga Series suits rigid, rigid & dog and intrastate highway applications. It has GCM ratings of up to 70,000kg and a choice of Isuzu AMT or Eaton 18-speed manual transmissions, Meritor rear axle sets and Isuzu 6-rod or Hendrickson airbag suspension. Safety is paramount with a load this size. Even our base model Giga comes fitted with ABS, driver’s SRS airbag and integrated seatbelt pre-tensioners. Our highway spec models come fitted with Michelin tubeless tyres.

Giga Series Giga 338kW/455PS
Giga Series EXY Gigamax 382kW/510PS

EXY Gigamax 382kW/510PS

The EXY Gigamax is ideal for intrastate applications and line haulage in general. The engine produces 382kW (510PS), giving it a GCM rating of up to 70,000kg. The Giga Series range offers a standard 4.10:1 axle ratio. For those who work the long haul, an optional highway specification includes a 3.42:1 axle ratio and Michelin ZXA/XJE low-energy tyres.

Safety baked in.

All Giga Series cabs comply with global ECE-R29 and ECE-R93 safety standards. Double side-intrusion bars, seatbelt pre-tensioners, driver's SRS airbag and ABS come as standard.

Giga Series Safety baked in.
Giga Series Multimedia at your fingertips.

Multimedia at your fingertips.

Multimedia Unit

Stay safe and connected with our Isuzu Multimedia System. Its big 6.2” display and intuitive menu means you keep your focus on the road. It connects to your mobile to read out your messages. It includes voice-control and hands-free Bluetooth as standard. It comes sat-nav ready with optional tyre-pressure monitoring*.

Shift to Aussiematic.

The Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) in the Giga Series has been built specifically for Australian trucking demands and features improved calibration for local conditions.

Giga Series Shift to Aussiematic.
Giga Series The best seat in the business.

The best seat in the business.

ISRI Seats

The ISRI 6860 driver’s seat is the CEO of air-suspension seating. Standard in Giga Series, its ergonomic and safety features include integrated seatbelt with pre-tensioner, head restraint, dual-stage air lumbar/lateral support, integrated pneumatic system, adjustable shock-absorber and body-hugging upholstery from head to knee.

Control your speed, and your climate.

Advanced electronic cruise control is standard and automatic climate control air?conditioning is available in selected models. Just two more ways that Isuzu can help you stay comfortable as you cruise.

Giga Series Control your speed, and your climate.
Giga Series The apex of axles.

The apex of axles.

Meritor axle

Meritor steer and drive axles are the benchmark for heavy trucks. Fitted to all Giga Series models, Meritor offers high capacity and driver-controlled cross locks to keep you from getting stuck.

Suspended on air.

Most Giga Series trucks come with an Isuzu or Hendrickson airbag rear suspension. These help deliver a stable ride for the load and the driver. Some models feature an in-cab remote to let you adjust the ride-height from your seat.

Giga Series Suspended on air.
Giga Series Carry loads in the cab.

Carry loads in the cab.

Cabs are anything but an afterthought with Isuzu. You’ll find stacks of storage space and places for all your stuff. Naturally, there’s plenty of room for you and your workmates, including stretch-out legroom. We make our cabs so accommodating, you may never want to leave.

The long and short of it.

With 12 different models and wheelbases that include short, medium and long, the Giga Series is a heavy duty truck that goes to any length to suit your needs.

Giga Series The long and short of it.
Giga Series Get the right gear.

Get the right gear.


The Giga Series is available with manual or Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), designed and tested specifically for heavy duty trucks.

Piles more pulling power.

Every Giga Series model comes powered by a high-torque 15.7L common rail turbo-diesel engine. The 6WG1 produces 382kW (520PS) and 2,255Nm of torque.

Giga Series Piles more pulling power.