FX Series

FX Series - Virtually any load, on any road.

Need a 4x2, 6x4 or 6x2? What about a prime mover? Then look for it in our FX Series. There are 10 model options in total, with a wide choice of transmissions, wheelbases, axles and suspensions.

The apex of axles.

Meritor steer and drive axles are the benchmark for heavy trucks. Fitted to all FX Series models, Meritor offers high capacity and driver-controlled cross locks to keep you from getting stuck.

FX Series The apex of axles.
FX Series Safety baked in.

Safety baked in.

Safety Features

All FX Series cabs are built to the latest world-class ECE-R29 safety standard. Double side-intrusion bars, seatbelt pre-tensioners and SRS dual airbags can protect you in an accident. ABS brakes, ASR (Anti-Skid Regulator) and traction control can help you avoid one.

Multi-media at your fingertips.

Stay safe and connected with our Isuzu Multimedia System. Its big 6.2” display and intuitive menu means you keep your focus on the road. It connects to your mobile to read out your messages. It includes voice-control and hands-free Bluetooth as standard. It comes sat-nav ready with optional tyre-pressure monitoring*.

FX Series Multi-media at your fingertips.
FX Series No more shift work.

No more shift work.

Allison 6-speed automatic

The Allison 6-speed HD4430 automatic transmission eliminates shifting and helps reduce fatigue. A favourite of drivers the world over, the Allison is available on many of our FX Series trucks.

Comfortably in control.

Automatic climate-control air-con keeps you comfortable in the cab. Electronic cruise-control means easier, less stressful journeys. Both come standard in all FX models.

FX Series Comfortably in control.
FX Series For when work gets flat out.

For when work gets flat out.

Sleeper bunk

After a hard shift, have a lie down in the handy sleeper bunk. Available in some FX Series models, they comply with ADR 42 and include mattress and surround curtains.

The best seat in the business.

The ISRI 6860 driver’s seat is the CEO of air-suspension seating. Standard in FX Series, its ergonomic and safety features include integrated seatbelt with pre-tensioner, head restraint, dual-stage air lumbar/lateral support, integrated pneumatic system, adjustable shock-absorber and body-hugging upholstery from head to knee.

FX Series The best seat in the business.
FX Series The long and short of it.

The long and short of it.


With 10 models including a prime mover, plus wheelbases that range from medium to long to extra long, the FX Series is a medium heavy duty truck that goes to any length to suit your needs.

Get the right gear.

The FX Series is available with manual or automatic transmissions, designed and tested specifically for medium-heavy duty trucks.

FX Series Get the right gear.
FX Series Piles more pulling power.

Piles more pulling power.

Every FX Series model comes powered by a high-torque 9.8L common rail turbo-diesel engine. The 6UZ1 produces 257kW (350PS) and 1,422Nm of torque.