F Series

F Series

The F Series, boasts over 70 models, including single cabs, crew cabs, Tippers and4x4s, along with various engines, transmissions, wheelbases and suspensions.Some variants have FUPS, front under-run protection systems. With diff locks (on selected models), and increased power, lifting their popularity in the 'tilt and tow' business. All of this will help make your daily grind much less of a grind, whatever your application. And by continuing to share the load with you we hope to never share the lead with anyone.

The New F Series - Tailored to your needs.

Now with IESC on selected models.

Isuzu Electronic Stability Control

FRR and FRD models now feature Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC). So if any of your wheels begin to slip, on-board sensors pick it up and deliver power to where it's needed, and even apply the brakes if necessary.

F Series Isuzu Electronic Stability Control
F Series 6 Cylinder Engine

6 Cylinder Engine

6 Cylinder Engine

Sometimes you need serious power and, with its six cylinders and intercooled turbocharger, our 6HK1 engine delivers 191kW (260PS) of grunt. And you can pair it with manual transmission or Allison auto to suit your specific needs.

4 cylinders, high torque. Our cleanest, most responsive engine. ever.

This engine represents the pinnacle in engine technology as the future moves towards lower displacement, higher torque, higher horsepower engines. Available in 210PS (154kW) and 240PS (177kW) power ratings to suit a diverse range of applications.

F Series 4 cylinders, high torque. Our cleanest, most responsive engine. ever.
F Series Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission

Most F Series trucks have the option of Allison's rugged 6-speed automatic transmission. Proclaimed by drivers the world over, it eliminates shifting which helps eliminate fatigue. There's also the option of an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) for smooth, car-like responsiveness.

Torque Converter Automated Manual Transmission

The Isuzu TC-AMT sees introduction of a torque converter to the AMT increasing torque at low RPM by up to 45%. This means a more responsive truck from a standing start and improved torque at lower RPM.

F Series Torque Converter Automated Manual Transmission
F Series F Series Tippers

F Series Tippers

F Series Tippers

Isuzu F Series Tipper GVM ranges vary from 10,700kg right up to 14,000kg, with 6.0mm all-steel tipper decks. All Tippers come with an auto release two-way tailgate and a 20 second up/down hydraulic hoist for increased efficiency. All backed by our comprehensive 3-year factory warranty.

Dual Control

Purpose-built to Isuzu Australia specs, these new dual steering wheel trucks deliver a performance unrivalled in their class. And they come standard with driver and passenger airbags, ABS, reversing camera, cruise control, satnav, climate control, and ISRI 6860 seats.

F Series Dual Control
F Series Freightpack



The Ready-to-Work Freightpack is available in five models, the FRR 4 and 6 cylinder, FSR 4 and 6 cylinder and the FVL, with a choice of 10-pallet, 12-pallet or 14-pallet curtain-side body configurations.

A Very Safe Haven

All F Series cabs are built to the internationally-recognized ECE-R29 cab strength safety standard, so they’re world-class. Double-side intrusion bars, seatbelt pre-tensioners and load limiters, and driver and passenger airbags are all standard too. Along with traction control and a whole host of other safety features. So in an Isuzu, you’ll always work safe.

F Series A Very Safe Haven
F Series Multi-media at your fingertips

Multi-media at your fingertips

The Isuzu F Series now features an all-new multi-media unit with a 6.2" display as standard. Features include:

iTuner: working through your phones WiFi or mobile data connection iTuner allows you to connect to internet radio stations around the world.

Text to Speech SMS: the Isuzu F Series will read your SMS messages to you to allow you to keep your eyes on the road.

The best seat in the business

All F Series have the ISRI 6860 air-suspension driver's seat as standard. And it's anything but standard. It has an integrated lap-sash seatbelt with pre-tensioner, head restraint, dual-stage air lumbar/lateral support, integrated pneumatic system, adjustable shock-absorber and body-hugging upholstery from head to knee. Which is all top news for your back and behind.

F Series The best seat in the business